Jungle Trekking

21 Mar

Rainforest Trekking

Trekking with botanical education and survival skills
Upon arrival, your scout will welcome you and explain your today’s trekking program before he leads you through orchards and dense rainforests. On route, he will share with you a lot of interesting information and stories about the colorful flora of this wilderness.

After 1,5 – 2 hrs of trekking in medium+ difficult conditions of the terrain, you will reach Sang Janggala Jungle Camp at a riverside with the possibility for a refreshing dip in its clear mountain water.
Here at the camp, your scout will explain to you some fundamental, basic knowledge about  how to survive in the wilderness: How to choose a suitable location for a campsite + how to build a shelter + drink water + build and light a campfire and cook a meal on it + demonstrate bamboo bushcraft to make important tools out from bamboo
For lunch enjoy a tasty jungle food with roots, ferns, young coffee leaves, and chicken in bamboo.
In the afternoon trekking back to Sang Giri Glamping Camp.

After a brief information about safety and your trekking program, your tour leader will distribute small backpacks with mineral water, rain poncho, and gloves ( against scratches ). Your trekking is about 2 hrs. leading through the dense rainforest on the slope of Mt. Batukaru. We cross small brooks exploring tropical plants like wild orchids, giant tree ferns, strangling ficus, and rattan, which you could see during your trekking. Please be careful and watch out for your steps.